ProZorro.Sale is an electronic trading system that enables conducting of electronic auctions for the transparent sale of any state property.
Project status: Running
Location: Ukraine
Features: economics, open data

ProZorro.Sale is an electronic trading system designed for the transparent, quick and efficient sale of state and communal property. Its purpose is to prevent corruption by equal access to data, public control and customer range expansion.

Public sales are a little-known sphere. Few people know exactly what the state is selling and at what prices, although the sphere is worth billions of hryvnias. ProZorro.Sale project started in the summer of 2016 with the sale of property belonging to liquidated banks. This happened on the initiative of the Deposit Guarantee Fund, which was supposed to sell the assets of insolvent banks worth 500 billion hryvnias.

In the spring of 2017, the next stage of the system development started - the sale of state and municipal property throughout Ukraine. Later updates include non-performing loans, objects of small privatization from the State Property Fund, and lease of objects on the balance of city or state enterprises. Consequently, the ProZorro.Sale project had gradually evolved into a platform that provides the opportunity to conduct electronic auctions for the transparent sale of any state property.

Open source solution

This electronic system has largely copied the ProZorro reform, including a technical solution: it consists of a central database and web platforms that provide communication between the system, organizers and buyers. ProZorro.Sale is based on open source code and open source software, which reduces the development and support cost of the project. And most importantly, it does not hide the internal working mechanism and allows professionals to check the underlying code at any time.

Like Prozorro, the sales project actively uses the Open Contracting Data Standard, which improves the structuring, accessibility and disclosure of information related to the sales and contract processes.

The ProZorro.Sale system provides equal rights for all participants and is required to be used by all entities in the state sales market. But, like any other project, this platform needs support, critique and participation of active citizens. This solution’s repositories are open, so you can join right now!


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License Apache License 2.0
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