Civic Tech

About us

We believe that only by working together citizens, government, and industry can make progress in this digital era. Together, we can create meaningful change by implementing ideas that matter.

Our goal is to draw attention to large- and small-scale IT projects that help community. So here we have gathered IT projects from all over Ukraine that have socio-political or economic importance for the country, are civic tech projects, or are based on the open data initiative. So, our goal is to create a platform for their popularization.

On this site you can:

  • find projects that are implemented for your community or that can be useful for it.
  • share project that you know about or are already involved in so that others may use and support it.
  • volunteer to apply your talents and time to help developing these projects. Since most of these projects have open code, you can become one of contributors.

Civic Tech and Open Data

In Central and Eastern Europe, open data and civic technologies are just beginning to develop, but Ukraine is one of the leading regions.

In the wake of the political, economic and military crisis that lasted throughout 2014, the "open data reform" took place in April 2015. As a result, the concept of open data appeared in the legislation: certain information should be freely available and accessible for everyone to use and reuse without any restrictions. Ordinary citizens should be given opportunity to access and apply comprehensive and structured information in real time.

In October, 2015, government determined which data should be open for public and the National Open Data Portal was launched. On the basis of these data, more than 50 services in the field of civil technologies have already been developed.

CivichTech-projects can reform and improve a lot of areas: education, health care, law enforcement, utilities. These technologies can enhance the relationship between people and government, by giving people more of a voice to participate in public decision making and/or to improve the delivery of services to people.

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