Public procurement reform in Ukraine based on an open source hybrid electronic system.
Project status: Running
Location: Ukraine
Features: economics, procurement, ocds, open data

System reform of public procurement in Ukraine was launched in February of 2015. Initially, it covered only the below-threshold procedures that weren’t regulated by law. After proving its effectiveness with the pilot state institutions, a lot of efforts were made to scale the system for all types of procedures.

The main aim of ProZorro is to transform tender processes into electronic format, as well as to ensure the transparency and openness of these processes. The main features of the new approach are:

  • Switch to electronic document flow
  • Maximum availability and comprehensiveness of tender procedures
  • Objective non-discriminatory evaluation of bid proposals
  • Thorough reporting on all government procurement
  • Transparent decision-making procedures
  • Systemic anti-corruption efforts

The technical side of ProZorro

ProZorro is based on a hybrid electronic system, developed using free open source software. All information is stored in a central database and structured in accordance with the Open Contracting Data Standard, enabling cross-country data comparison and analysis. All information related to the tender process, like procurement terms, participants' bid proposals, and contract sums can be accessed and monitored by anyone.

Procurement - the next steps

Open data, refusal of scanned paper documents, and integration with the state registers are important achievements of the reform. In particular, the State Audit Service Register and the United State Register of Legal Entities, Individual Entrepreneurs and Public Organizations of Ukraine are already integrated. The State Fiscal Service and the State Treasury will be next. As a result, payment processes will become more transparent and information from government agencies will be easier to get.

ProZorro also develops a comprehensive information security system to prevent data damage or violation of data integrity. Reforms still continue and there is always something else to do. So if you want to help in reforming this sphere, then you have plenty of opportunities.


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