is an open source high-load, multi-platform, OCDS-compliant toolkit, its components can be used together or separately as a part of procurement solution.
Project status: Finished
Location: Ukraine
Features: economics, procurement, ocds, open data

We all want to live in a comfortable environment with nice neighbours and smart government. Unfortunately, there is a wide gap between the real world and utopia. State organizations can’t work properly and protect country’s large resources and data while being stuck with outdated technology and procedures. Their upgrade requires a lot of money and intelligent people who will be in charge of investing funds in our future.

Small steps today may result in a huge meaningful change tomorrow. Let’s take public procurement sphere as an example. Complicated bureaucratic rules, non-transparent procedures, piles of paper documents… There may be a lot of reasons public procurement in your country is not efficient. The obvious answer to this issue is e-procurement system. And since we are talking about public procurement, the less it costs the better. Open source software would be the best option.

One of the small number of open source solutions available on the market is toolkit. It was designed specifically for the procurement of goods and services on behalf of public authorities. The toolkit was developed for the Ukrainian Prozorro public procurement reform, but later was also used in other state and commercial projects in Ukraine, Moldova, and Georgia. architecture is a high-load and multi-platform software. Its components can be used together or separately as a part of procurement solution. is open source and flexible. You can fork it and tailor it to the specific requirements of your local authorities or other government institution that requires changes.

Github repository OpenProcurement Auction
Born 4 years ago
Lines of code 155069
License Apache License 2.0
Get Involved 18 Open issues
Python: 99.63%,
JavaScript: 0.37%

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