The portal allows you to monitor how each of the representatives fulfills their obligations and votes for important bills.
Project status: Running
Location: Ukraine
Features: politics, open data

The Rada4you or "They vote for you" website enables citizens to track how their representatives are performing their duties, for example, how they attend plenary sessions, how they vote for important bills. After analyzing these data it's possible to conclude whether political position of the representative coincides with their election promises.

The idea of ​​creating such a project was borrowed from the Australian site They Vote For You, developed by an independent non-partisan non-profit organization OpenAustralia Foundation. It, in turn, was launched on the basis of the British portal UK Public Whip, created by Francis Irving and Julian Todd in 2003.

Rada4you is a free open source project, meaning that everyone can join, support and take part in website content management. You can also reuse the data resources and use the API.

Open data of the Rada4you portal

Rada4you platform contains data starting from November 27, 2014, from the first session of the Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada of the 8th convocation. New votes are added immediately after they are published on the official website of the Verkhovna Rada. You have the opportunity to check how the representative of your election district or your preferred political party protects your interests, whether they miss the plenary sessions, whether they ignore the vote, or vote in compliance with their political faction. Also, the site gives an opportunity to analyze the tendency of voting for certain political decisions.

The portal offers tracking the representative’s position on the basis of policies, which are the sets of bills united by common characteristics, public interest and importance for citizens. For example, voting for the opposition to Russian aggression, for military medicine, for the copyright protection, for the pension reform, for the protection of animals, etc. If there is no policy that interests you on the "They vote for you" site, then you can improve it and offer your own policies.


Github repository Helping you find out if your MP represents you by analysing their votes in Ukraine's parliament for you.
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