The OpenBudget project is designed to create tools that aim at increasing the transparency and accountability of local authorities.
Project status: Running
Location: Ukraine
Features: open data, budget

The OpenBudget project aims at helping local authorities to become more accountable and transparent, and for citizens to understand how public funds are spent. The project’s software toolkit will allow local authorities to create visualizations based on their financial and statistical information. These include, for example, data on the revenue and expenditure of the local budget, local programs, key indicators of the cities’/regions’ activity, budget-forming process, title lists of construction and repair. Visualizations are created free of charge and are automatically published on the websites of the corresponding authorities.

The OpenBudget portal is intended to change the quality of reporting on public funds expenses by public authorities. That is why it is important to spread this software among all Ukrainian local authorities. Even those who have their own instruments in this area can use OpenBudget tools to unify data representation. After all, this project provides materials for making better management decisions and increasing the efficiency of taxpayers' funds usage.

Open Data for transparent work

The OpenBudget project combines the use of open source, open data, and e-governance in a set of tools that bring the interaction between citizens and government to a qualitatively new level.

The founders of this project are open to cooperation. All OpenBudget code is open and accessible on Github, so developers from all over Ukraine can view, download, offer changes, create their own applications or modules. This approach allows:

  • responding quickly to changes in legislation related to the budget-forming process;
  • optimizing the cost of upgrading or fixing the system, as the updates automatically become available to all users of the portal;
  • customizing the project tools for a specific reporting format of central, state or municipal authorities in Ukraine or abroad.


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