Provides tools to digitize huge amounts of documents into structured data through crowdsourcing
Project status: Idea
Location: Ukraine
Features: politics, digitization

Governments, as well as other state authorities and NGOs usually have a lot of historical data in the form of paper documents or non-machine readable scans. Moonsheep offers tools to digitize massive sets of documents into structured data for greater transparency and efficiency. Crowdsourcing will automate and speed up the process.

Moonsheep team offers help and support:

  • Planning project, defining achievable goals and timelines.
  • Consulting on the best practices in document digitisation, combining complementary data sources.
  • Setting up the digitisation process, defining metadata and categories.
  • Coding of custom reports and data analysis.

Document digitization in Ukraine

Starting from 2016, Ukrainian political parties submit reports to the National Agency on Corruption Prevention in paper format. The agency publishes these reports in the form of scans (100 page pdf-files) that are not suitable for detailed analysis using digital instruments.

Applying the Moonsheep tools, the Civic Network "Opora" converts available reports into machine-readable structured data, that can later be analyzed by the public, NGOs, journalists and other interested parties. During the first stage "Opora" focused on the donors of political parties and monitoring of their donations on the basis of the official reports. You can help this project to digitize or "free" data at


Github repository Moonsheep digitizes huge, messy paper and PDF archives through crowdsourcing and cutting edge technology.
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